Cardiac CT


A reliable examination of your heart

Calcium Scoring and Cardiac CT/Angiography

Computed tomography of the heart: calcium scoring (establishing the amount of calcified plaque in a patient’s arteries) and a cardiac CT/angiography (imaging of the coronary arteries) make it possible to diagnose any possible changes in your heart that could lead to disease.

Your advantages:

  • A cardiac CT examination informs patients whether they may suffer from a coronary heart disease, for example narrowing of the arteries or not.
  • The procedure can be completed as an out-patient.
  • The best technical equipment makes it possible to generate the most precise images and leads to a major reduction of the radiation patients are exposed to.
  • The wide opening of the CT scanner can comfortably accommodate more corpulent patients and reduces the stress that some patients suffer in enclosed spaces.
  • A computer-aided assessment process facilitates a precise evaluation of your heart images.
  • The particular advantage of cardiac CT/angiography lies in the accuracy of the possible diagnosis. Patients who do not suffer from a narrowing of their coronary arteries (Stenosis) can exclude the possibility of contracting a serious coronary heart disease by almost 97 to 100 percent.
  • This makes it possible to avoid a riskier cardiac catheterization examination at a hospital in many cases.
  • We complete our hear examinations with one of the most high-performance and modern CT scanners available in the world.
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